Write Yourself Into History – Writing Program

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Young people across the world lead movements, organizations, companies, and so much more. Even during the height of the pandemic, young people went out into the world to continue working and helping our communities in need. Young people also made waves in the 2020 Presidential Elections and the run-off election in Georgia, breaking history with the highest voter turnout in years!

Through historical events and climate change, young people have seen the world change right before their eyes, and yet, these stories are rare to find. Our stories, the experiences we’ve had, matter. These experiences shape us and can inspire future leaders when we can share these stories. Young people deserve to have a space where they can share voices on the issues affecting us, engage others in the conversation, and build a community with motivated people to create change. 

Now is the time to Write Ourselves into History!


Become a Youth Contributor and write yourself into history by sharing your stories on the issues affecting us now like the climate crisis, women’s rights, racial justice and more. 

The “Writing Ourselves into History” program is a 10-week storytelling and journalism program designed to provide a platform for young people, especially queer people, BIPOC communities, women, and people with disabilities to share their experiences through storytelling.

You will have the opportunity to build community with other motivated youth leaders and establish an online platform for youth voices. Youth Contributors will also have access to professional and leadership development workshops that will prepare you for any future career move. 

Consider joining us to write yourself into history!



Any young person (ages 15-26) who is interested in writing about political issues and becoming become a storyteller of our generation.


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September 15th: Application launches.

September 15-September 27: Applications reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. 

October 5-December 9: Two developmental trainings a month in which cohort members will receive skills for effective storytelling.