About Us

About Us

About Us

Blue Future is a national organizing program run out of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst, the largest progressive, youth-led, political action committee in America.

We’re building the field infrastructure to help progressive Democrats win key races across the country while simultaneously developing a diverse leadership pipeline to strengthen the future of the Democratic party and the progressive movement.  


To continuously engage, mobilize, and connect young people to progressive electoral campaigns, equipping them with the resources, tools, skills, and network to be effective volunteers, organizers, and public servants.

What Makes Us Different

Young people are the most diverse and progressive generation America has ever seen. To win improvements in people’s lives we must elect decision makers who represent our values and who will work with young people to implement those solutions.

Lack of funding for youth engagement disproportionately burdens working-class students and students of color, creating a major barrier for youth leaders who want to make a difference in the world by working for progressive candidates. We make direct financial investments in student leaders in key congressional districts who create and mobilize a base of volunteers to expand a campaign’s field efforts through canvassing, phone banking, and other needs as identified by the campaign.

Blue Future is contributing to progressive electoral victories today. And most importantly, we’re building a future where the progressive movement benefits from the brilliance of diverse young leaders who will bend the moral arc of the universe toward justice for years to come.

Blue Future is the first and only project of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a registered Carey Committee (or Hybrid Federal PAC).

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