Generation Run: Candidate Training Program

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Blue Future is on a mission to build the next generation of progressive leaders through comprehensive professional training in organizing, advocacy, and campaigns. Blue Future is excited to launch the second annual Generation Run, a candidate training program with a focus on community organizing for the 2022 midterm elections.

The barriers preventing young people, especially those in marginalized groups, from running for office can seem insurmountable. While there are some resources available for people who are already ready to run, there are not many opportunities for young people who want to run but aren’t ready to launch their campaigns.

This training series will help level the playing field by providing young people, especially queer people, BIPOC communities, women, and people with disabilities with an understanding of what it takes to run for office, and resources for running when they are ready.  

Generation Run is an 8-week long training program designed to teach young people the ins and outs of campaigning and what it takes to successfully win a seat in public office. Throughout the program you will learn how to organize and volunteer on your local campaign of choice. This program is for those who plan on running for office one day, but don’t quite know how yet. Each of the training will focus on a different aspect of campaigns or a different skill that you will need as a candidate. 

Have you ever thought about running for office? Looking for ways to get involved at the local level? Or want to learn more about what organizing is all about? 

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Training Series

We are excited to train young people who plan on running for office one day on:

  1. The ins and outs of a campaign.
  2. The intricacies of what it takes to successfully win a seat in public office.
  3. How to organize and volunteer on a local campaign.

All youth organizers will attend a bi-weekly 2-hour Zoom training session on how to run for office. Our training will be led by campaign staff, experts in the field, and current candidates. Among other topics, we will review Blue Future’s candidate handbook, messaging and communications, fundraising, public speaking, coalition building, data, voter mobilization, and GOTV.

Volunteering on local campaigns

On the weeks we are not focused on online training, you will have the opportunity to put your skills to use by volunteering with a local campaign in your community for 5 hours every other week. Blue Future will work with you to find a campaign or organization that you can volunteer with over the next 8 weeks. By working with the campaign, you will be able to see the candidate in action and learn about all the different elements of campaigning.



Any young person who is interested in running for office one day may apply.


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Applications open July 18th and close August 26th at 11:59 EST. 

If you have any questions, please contact Maria Hernandez, Blue Future’s Executive Director of Organizing, at [email protected].  


July 18 – August 26: Applications are open.

August 26 – September 2: Applications reviewed and interview applicants on a rolling basis. 

September 2: Invitations to join program sent out. 

September 6 – October 28: Training program starts, with weekly trainings every other week through October 28.