Blue Future envisions a world where no matter our color or origin, our income or zip code, desire and determination are the only things getting in the way of young people’s ability to push for a transformative and progressive agenda.


To continuously engage, mobilize, and connect young people across race and place to progressive campaigns, equipping them with the resources, tools, skills, and network to be effective volunteers, organizers, and community leaders.

million calls to voters

youth organizers trained

democratic campaign partners

youth organizing partners

Programs and Services

Peer Leadership Coaching Circle

peer coaching can be part of the solution to many challenges youth leaders are facing as practitioners in the movement, including preventing burnout, creating space to learn how to make better decisions, and strengthening our individual awareness and collective organizing power to win improvements in people’s lives.

Grants to Youth Organizations

we support local youth-led organizations and student organizers with direct funding and community organizing training to unleash youth voter engagement

Organizing Training

we offer paid community organizing & leadership development training for diverse youth leaders

Candidate Training

this training series will help level the playing field by providing young people, especially queer people, BIPOC communities, women, and people with disabilities with an understanding of what it takes to run for office, and resources for running when they are ready


Fiscal Sponsorship

working on a progressive project for your community? we offer fee-free fiscal sponsorship for youth led projects and organizations

Take Action

Blue Future is a project of the Youth  Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a  registered Hybrid Federal PAC) and the  Progressive Leadership Initiative,  our 501c4 non-profit.