Rep The Future – Campaign Fellowship

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Rep the Future – A project sponsored by Blue Future

Founder/Director: Amalie Seth

Mission: To increase the accessibility of campaign fellowships and internships to all New York City high school students and to bridge the access and opportunity gap by providing equitable funds in the form of stipends to students who would be unable to have this opportunity otherwise.

At Rep the Future, we firmly believe that given the right resources and opportunities, high school students are able to help instill tangible change in their communities.


Currently, there is a disparity in who is able to work in political campaigns, due to varying factors.

Firstly, youth are typically not even given the opportunity to participate in this important aspect of our democracy. However, when they are, they really show up. One example is the Ed Markey campaign, where the student wing surpassed all expectations, and helped him win re-election.

Additionally, many campaigns do not have the means to compensate their interns, meaning the only students who are able to take part are the financially advantaged.

By connecting paid interns with campaigns, Rep the Future is guaranteeing prosperity for the future of democracy in New York City.


Interns duties will be based upon their interests and the needs of the campaign. Some areas include field work, digital communications (social media), and policy writing.

At Rep the Future, we are committed to changing the game of democratic politics through bringing in a pertinent and often overlooked demographic: teenagers. Still new to the political world and motivated to fight injustice, young people bring in a fresh perspective on strategy, key issues, and narrative. This is incredibly important, as young people are impacted by policies yet too often lack the representation to influence them. Campaigns are the backbone to our democracy, and it is of utmost importance to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to be involved.


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To allow for as many qualified interns to partake in the program as possible, Rep the Future will prioritize compensation to students who need it most.


All funding goes directly towards stipends.  We are reliant on donors like you to compensate our interns, so from us to you, we say thank you.