About Us

Blue Future is a national organizing program run out of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst, the largest progressive, youth-led, political action committee in America.

We envision a world where no matter our color or origin, our income or zip code, desire and determination are the only things getting in the way of young people’s ability to push for a transformative and progressive agenda.

Testimonials from our organizers and elected champions!

“Young people flipped our country blue. Queer people, Black, Indigenous, Latinx people… none of our victories would have been possible without a diverse coalition of organizers fighting for what is right and just. And from the beginning, Blue Future got that. In a few short weeks, fascism will no longer reside in the White House. Issues that directly affect our generation’s young leaders, from the climate crisis to crippling student loan debt, will actually be on the forefront of our national agenda. WE did that. We are ushering in a better world, because the youth have the power to actively change it. We certainly deserve to celebrate. But our work is far from over. In fact, Blue Future is just getting started.” – Cassidy Strong, Youth Organizer from North Carolina

“Learning about media relations, budgeting, legislative advocacy, and digital organizing made the Summer for Progress and Change more than just an opportunity to phonebank. It provided an opportunity to learn how to be an effective changemaker. Most organizations have people PAY for this kind of training, instead of paying you to show up. This is what separates Blue Future from other political organizations. As a fellow with Blue Future this summer, my interest in politics was nurtured and I gained a new perspective on political organizing.” – Kevin Chisolm, Youth Organizer from New Jersey 

“Through Blue Future, I joined a cohort of inspired (and inspiring) young leaders fighting against the racism, sexism, islamophobia, anti-semitism, homophobia, and elitism that plagues our country. We empowered ourselves and each other, taking a step towards eradicating the inequities and injustices that exist in all levels of government and in our everyday lives. I loved witnessing how many of us showed up for the work that needed to be done.” – Allison Lee, Youth Organizer from Louisiana 

Our Co-Founders Celebrate 5 years of Blue Future!

Blue Future is a project of the Youth  Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a  registered Hybrid Federal PAC) and the  Progressive Leadership Initiative,  our 501c4 non-profit.