We connect young people to progressive campaigns...

We’re building the field infrastructure to help progressive Democrats win key races across the country while simultaneously developing a diverse leadership pipeline to strengthen the future of the Democratic party and the progressive movement.

We are a civic engagement startup...

focused on organizing young people around progressive electoral campaigns. The three most important resources on a campaign are time, money, and people. We help campaigns and organizations mobilize young people to elect progressives at the local, state, and federal level.

We strive to organize and mobilize people...

ages 18-25 to achieve electoral victories for candidates who will advance policies that improve our communities. Our goal is to aggregate and promote training, volunteer, and campaign opportunities, and re-design the experience of being a young person who wants to make a difference in our elections.

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We believe progressive ideals will ensure the future young people deserve. Young people are the leaders of today and tomorrow and Blue Future aims to develop and sustain a pipeline for young progressive leaders. Through our efforts, we will help progressive campaigns win at the local, state, and federal level. It is up to young people to create a future that centers the needs of marginalized communities, and that future starts now.


To continuously engage, mobilize, and connect young people to progressive electoral campaigns, equipping them with the resources, tools, skills, and network to be effective volunteers, organizers, and public servants.