About Us

About Us

About Us

Blue Future is a youth-led civic engagement startup focused on organizing young people around progressive electoral campaigns.

Blue Future was started to expand the underutilized energy of young people. There are too many barriers to entry for young folks to become politically engaged. Our goal is to aggregate and promote training, volunteer, and campaign opportunities, and re-design the experience of being a young person who wants to make a difference in our elections. By combining innovative digital outreach with effective organizing tactics, we strive to mobilize people ages 16-25 to achieve electoral victories for candidates who will advance policies that improve our communities.


To continuously engage, mobilize, and connect young people to progressive electoral campaigns, equipping them with the resources, tools, skills, and network to be effective volunteers, organizers, and public servants.

What Makes Us Different

Our program offers a unique opportunity to help Democrats win in November, and support the next generation of progressive political organizers. The students we’re working with are terrific, and they won’t stop fighting until we win in November!

We offer donors and organizations a complimentary vehicle to expand the value of their endorsement and direct contribution to the coordinated campaign by turbo-charging the campaigns’ volunteer capacity. We provide an additional opportunity for donors and organizations to impact the elections by investing in grassroots mobilization and student leadership.

Most youth engagement groups do non-partisan voter registration and mobilization. Very few youth organizations do coordinated electoral work. As a result, national progressive groups that run PACs have trouble aligning their program and coordinating with youth-led groups, since they don’t exist.

Blue Future, and its parent organization, the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst, are the only youth-led political organizations connecting young people directly to progressive candidates & campaigns.

Blue Future is the first and only project of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a registered Carey Committee (or Hybrid Federal PAC).

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