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TV/Web Shows:

The Blue Youth Wave is Coming  (The Young Turks)

“We are more than just our votes, we actually have the power, and the responsibility, to organize and to get our friends to come vote with us, and to get our families to come vote with us, and there’s a total lack of investment  on that side of it. We try to get the youth vote out, but we’re not really investing as a party or as a movement in youth organizing. And we need to do a better job.


How Being Undocumented Inspired Me to Volunteer For A Congressional Campaign (Teen Vogue)

“While working on his campaign, I have become politically involved and willing to fight for what I believe in. If I can help a single person vote who otherwise would not have, it makes me feel like I have done my part. In addition to my work with the Levin campaign, serving as a fellow for Blue Future, a national network of young people who are fighting for change, has helped me become an activist for immigrants, women, the environment, and much more.”

Representative Levin to Bring San Diego Dreamer as State of the Union Guest (Office of Rep. Mike Levin)

“As a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient, I am not allowed to vote or work in government, but that won’t stop me from contributing to this country that I love,” said Lucero Sanchez. “While the president works to undermine immigrants and Dreamers, I am working to make my community stronger and drive civic participation among my San Diego neighbors. I am honored to be Representative Levin’s guest at the State of the Union, and I am grateful for his work to raise the voices of everyone he represents.”

Lucero served as a fellow for Blue Future, an organization dedicated to driving youth participation in electoral campaigns, and as an intern on Levin’s campaign in 2018. She is interested in pursuing a career in politics despite her DACA status and will continue to be an advocate for immigrants, women, the environment, and more.

Why Student Loan Debt Plans Could Sway 2020 Elections (Beyond Chron)

“There are groups like Blue Future and the Student PIRGs New Voter Project that focus on registering students to vote and getting them to the polls. This contributed to 2018 being a banner year for young people’s voter turnout.

2020 can be even better.

Obviously, millennials’ dislike for Donald Trump will play a big role. But so will the ability to elect a president committed to erasing student loan debt, a heavy and unfair burden placed on this generation of students.”

Voter Registration Hits a Deadline This Week (Fox 42)

“UNO student Nate Johnson helps students on campus get registered.

‘Making it possible for students to vote for students to register and for them to access their government is important,” said Johnson, who is the president of the UNO College Democrats.”

Penn Dems gets behind Susan Wild, who is looking to break Pa.’s all-male congressional delegation (The Daily Pennsylvanian)

“For Democrats nationwide, the midterm elections on Nov. 6 represent an opportunity to turn the House of Representatives blue for the first time since 2010. Closer to campus, Penn Democrats hopes to play a role in the fight for the House, planning canvassing events for candidates in tight congressional races across Pennsylvania.”

Voter Registration Hits a Deadline This Week (Hudson Valley One)

“The Youth Voter Corps, a derivative of a get-out-the-vote initiative Hudson Valley Votes, is a group made of high school students from across the Hudson Valley who’ve taken the task of registering young voters into their own hands. Ranging in age from 14 to 20 and hailing from 11 area high schools and college campuses, the majority of them are too young to vote themselves.”

Podcasts & Radio:

Trump’s Racist Rants and Organizing for 2020 (Deadline DC with Brad Bannon)

“Trump knows that if the election in 2020 is about health care, if it’s about taxes, if it’s about climate justice, racial justice, gun violence prevention or reproductive freedom, among other progressive priorities, he’s got no chance of winning. And so, that’s what he’s trying to do with these racist rants, he’s trying to make the election about racial polarization, and we can’t let that happen, and young people in this country are not going to let that happen. We’re better than this, and we must remind people of that.” -Nick Guthman, Executive Director, Blue Future

Progressive organizing and youth activism with Blue Future’s Nick Guthman (Millennial Politics)

“Nick also discusses general organizing, including how Blue Future runs canvasses, phone banks, and brings together youth organizers in states all across the country.

In this pod, Nick gives advice for how to recruit volunteers and arrange successful political mobilization in this day and age.”

Discussing key youth issues ahead of the first 2020 Democratic Presidential debates  (Deadline DC with Brad Bannon)

Thom Hartmann News Info (The Thom Hartmann Show)

A look inside the youth-led progressive civic engagement movement with Blue Future’s Nick Guthman (Resistance Dashboard)

Hudson River Sampler (Radio Free America)

Hudson Valley Votes (Radio Woodstock)

“We need to keep going at it… I am really excited for the 20th. I can’t believe that a little email from February 12th has lead up to this. This just shows how dedicated everyone is to making change in our world.”

The Path to a Blue Future w/ Nick Guthman (The Majority Report)

“Using a combination of digital media and on-the-ground organizing, Our Blue Future has been able to gather support for candidates that will bring new progressive representatives to Congress.”

Angela Chen on the Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Young people and specifically college students… we have issues that are specific to ourselves that we’re  passionate about. In order get us to mobilized, we want our politicians, we want our elected officials to be listening.”

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