Our Impact in the 2020 Elections

The Big Picture

In the midst of a pandemic that continues to claim lives and livelihoods, despite every effort to keep us from voting and election officials from counting, through every legal challenge and anti-democratic maneuver, we persevered.

Moreover, young people emerged with a renewed sense of our power and purpose. 

We came together as voters in record numbers to deliver a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions. 

The Details

In 2020, Blue Future:

  • Called 650,000+ voters

  • Trained 250+ youth organizers in political and community organizing

  • Recruited thousands of volunteers for 53 state & federal campaigns

  • Invested over $300,000 directly in the pockets of youth organizers

  • Invested over $40,000 to support local organizing in Georgia for the runoff elections

  • Donated over $30,000 to frontline racial justice organizations and community bail funds

The Big Picture

We make direct investments in student leaders in key elections who create and mobilize a base of student volunteers to expand a campaign’s field efforts through canvassing, phone banking, and other needs as identified by the campaign.

In the Spring of 2020, Blue Future invested over $35,000 into the power and ambition of young people.

The Details

The #COVID19 pandemic won’t stop young people from organizing for a better future.

This Spring, our Congressional Youth Power Fund Fellows showed remarkable resilience, adapting their work through ever changing circumstances to continue to make a difference.

When we trust young people and provide them with the necessary resources, they can make groundbreaking changes.

Blue Future is a project of the Youth  Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a  registered Hybrid Federal PAC) and the  Progressive Leadership Initiative,  our 501c4 non-profit.