Alumni Membership Program

Join hundreds of past organizers by officially joining Blue Future’s alumni membership program. By becoming an alumni member, you will have exclusive access to our alumni network, organizing trainings, mentorship, professional development, leadership coaching and more!   

Already an alumni member with Blue Future? Login to your Alumni portal! 

Any membership level allows you to have full access to the alumni membership program.

This program is valued at $520 per year.

Below you will see all the benefits alumni members will have access to! 


$17 per month

This package helps Blue Future pay for one hour of an organizer’s work!  Equity at the center.


$10 per month

This package is designed to meet the needs of recent graduates and alumni of Blue Future.


$5 per month

This package is for those who are still in school to access the alumni program.

An Alumni Portal 

This portal allows you to access the database of alumni organizers who you can connect and network with. Additionally, this portal is where you will go to access any previous training materials, the Blue Future job guide, and the Run for Office guide. We will post on the portal about local meetups and other job opportunities in your area!

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Each member will have access to four peer leadership coaching sessions a year led by Blue Future’s Co-President, Nick Guthman. The focus of these sessions will include helping to prevent burnout, creating space to learn how to make better decisions, and strengthening our individual awareness and collective organizing power to win improvements in people’s lives. 

Each leadership session is valued at $100. 

Coffee Chats

Coffee chats allow alumni the opportunity to sit down with Blue Future mentors and share advice, feedback, and ask questions. They are meant to build community, discuss complex issues in the community, and share ideas for the future with one another. We will be hosting these individually and in a group setting. When the session starts, we will send you some money for coffee on us!  

Each coffee chat is valued at $30.


One-on-One Resume and Job Coaching Sessions


Similar to when you were an organizer with Blue Future, you can now sign up for one on one resume and job coaching sessions with the leadership team. These sessions are great when looking for jobs or internships or wanting to transition into a new role. 

This session is valued at $50/hr.


Alumni Newsletter

Each quarter, our team releases an alumni newsletter specifically catered to you. This newsletter will go over everything Blue Future is doing now, how you can help, and spotlight an alum. 

Youth Organizer Pin

It will be sent to you as soon as you become a member.

This pin is valued at $10.


Blue Future is a project of the Youth  Progressive Action Catalyst (YPAC), a  registered Hybrid Federal PAC) and the  Progressive Leadership Initiative,  our 501c4 non-profit.