Campaigning Certification Program

Student Campaigning Certification Program

Get the recognition you deserve!

Are you hesitant to get involved because you can’t make the heavy time commitment of a fellowship? By doing whatever voter-outreach you can with what time you have, you can finally get more recognition for getting the right candidates elected to Congress!

With this program, our student organizers present an opportunity for other students to take leadership and become:

  • “GOTV Captain” (15 hours of campaign work)
  • “Voter Interaction Organizer” (25 hours of campaign work)
  • “Election Field Director” (40 hours of campaign work)

What students receive

  • A Dope Resumé! Students can put these positions on their resumés to show their leadership in the community.
  • Special Recognition! After the election, a letter will be sent out to students highlighting the difference they have made and emphasizing the special recognition from Blue Future, a nation-wide political organization that is committed to connecting young people to progressive campaigns.
  • Exclusive Political Opportunities! Blue Future will share exclusive opportunities to continue building your skills and getting involved to create a political system that works for all of us.


GOTV Captain

Participants must complete at least 15 hours of voter outreach between the start of their enrollment into the program until the election, November 6th.

Voter Interaction Organizer

Participants must complete at least 25 hours of voter outreach and must recruit at least one other student in this same certification program.

Election Field Director

Participants must complete at least 40 hours of voter outreach and must recruit at least two other students into the Student Campaigning Certification Program at any level.

How to sign up

To enroll in the program, simply reach out to your nearest progressive congressional campaign and perform voter-outreach for them! This can be phone-banking, canvassing, or other methods of voter-outreach that the campaign practices. Whenever you participate in voter-outreach for a campaign, log your hours by clicking the link below!


If you have any questions or if you would like to make suggestions to this program, please email Jimmie Kosmopoulos at

Log your campaign hours!
Log your campaign hours!