Campus Organizing Template

Campus Organizing Template

Why Plan?

  • A Plan is a management tool.
  • A plan provides quantifiable means of measuring progress or lack thereof.
  • A plan diminishes the demands on the manager’s time.
  • A plan gets you back on track after a distraction.
  • A plan keeps some part of your campaign proactive rather than reactive, even in the face of a disaster.

Here are some things to consider when making your campus organizing plan:

Part I: Evaluation of Current Program

Include the following:

  • Organizational Structure and Outline of Team (Executive Board)
  • Short Description of Club Committees (Campaigns, Policy, Programming, Community Service, etc.)
  • Number of Active Members
  • Number of members on listserv, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter followers
  • Please include links to social media and the database management system used for the listserv (if any)
  • Affiliations/Partnerships with local Democratic party, political campaigns,  and other community organizations
  • Affiliations/Partnerships with other campus organizations
  • Connections with other schools (colleges and high schools) in the Congressional district
  • Overview of campus climate in the context of political activism
  • Overview and analysis of previous organizing tactics and outcomes
    • General body meetings, bringing speakers to campus, tabling events, voter registration, hosting phone banks, canvassing for candidates in the community, fundraisers, social events, community service, etc.

Part II: Organizing Plan for Fall 2018

Sections to include:

  • Outreach and recruitment plan
    • Timeline with specific goals and dates
    • Number of new students to recruit, and how to recruit them
    • Follow up plan (email, text, 1-on-1’s, etc).
    • First-year orientation, First day of classes, first general body meeting, Club Fair, National Voter Registration Day (September 27), etc.
    • Communications: Discuss any existing communication strategy on campus and their effectiveness in reaching students.
  • Campaigns and Canvassing Plan
    • List the types of campaign activities your club will engage in
    • Include an approximated timeline that includes weekly phone banks, weekend canvassing trips, hosting candidate events on campus, etc.
    • Highlight your plan to recruit Commit to Vote Pledges and 10-hour campaign volunteer shift commitments
    • Include specific metrics and estimated dates for all
  • Full timeline for the Fall Semester/Quarter
    • Phase 1: Weeks 1-5 [Voter Registration + Recruitment of Volunteers]
    • Phase 2: Weeks 6-11 [Volunteer Mobilization + Candidate Engagement]
    • Phase 3: Weeks 12-16 [GOTV, post-election plans]
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