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With 3 months until mid-terms, Blue Future announces $25,000 investment in student organizers

August 6, 2018 | Washington, D.C.

With just 3 months left until the 2018 mid-term elections, Blue Future + the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst has strategically distributed $25,000 to student organizers in some of the most competitive Congressional districts around the country.

Blue Future is and always will be committed to empowering young people to make a difference in our politics. Through a small-dollar grassroots campaign to raise such a significant amount, we expect to make a difference in all 20 of these competitive congressional districts and use this as a foundation to continue building youth power across America.

“Young People have always led movements for social change. This moment is no different. We could not be more excited to start working with our student leaders around the country to ensure young people are doing our part to help elect progressives to Congress,” said Nick Guthman, Blue Future’s Executive Director.

Blue Future received 38 funding applications from student organizers across 15 states. Students submitted campus engagement plans with budgets of up to $3,000. After interviewing the pool of applicants, assessing the competitiveness of each district, and incorporating the Youth Electoral Significance Index, the Blue Future team is stoked to be supporting such talented, driven organizers.

This investment will help elect progressives to Congress and support the next generation of progressive leaders. Over the next 3 months, Blue Future will continue to provide these students with funding, training, and leadership development.

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Blue Future is a youth-led civic engagement startup focused on organizing young people around progressive electoral campaigns.

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We’re supporting student leaders in the following districts:

CA-10: Modesto, California
CA-25: Antelope Valley, California
CA-39: Los Angeles, California
CA-48: Orange County, California
CA-49: San Diego, California
MI-08: Lansing, Michigan
NE-02: Omaha, Nebraska
IA-01: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
IL-13: Bloomington, Illinois
PA-01: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PA-07: Northhampton, Pennsylvania
VA-02: Virginia Beach, Virginia
VA-10: Winchester, Virginia
NY-19: Woodstock, New York
NJ-03: Beverly, New Jersey
NJ-07: Millburn, New Jersey
NJ-11: Bloomfield, New Jersey
FL-26: Miami, Florida
FL-27: Miami, Florida

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