Impact in 2019 Elections

Our impact in the 2019 elections


Blue Future is a national organizing program run out of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst, a youth-led political action committee (PAC) focused on organizing young people around progressive electoral campaigns. We make direct investments in student leaders in key elections who create and mobilize a base of student volunteers to expand a campaign’s field efforts through canvassing, phone banking, and other needs as identified by the campaign.

In 2019, Blue Future invested just under $10,000 into the power and ambition of young people.

They managed to do what many believed was impossible:

  • Flipped the Virginia legislature blue
  • Elected a Democratic Governor in Kentucky
  • Re-elected a Democratic Governor in Louisiana
  • Stopped a Republican supermajority in Louisiana
  • Elected Democrats in Mississippi & built power for the 2020 Senate election

2019 showed that when we trust young people and provide them with the necessary resources, they can make groundbreaking changes.

We’re ready for 2020, y’all.

Here’s what we achieved this year.

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